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We Make Your F&B Business Searchable — Online.

Reach More Customers •  Increase Reservation  • Grow Your Brand

Are you struggling getting new customers for your F&B business?

Your restaurant is too far away and no one wants to come?

Not enough prospects in the neighbourhood to turn into customers?​

Your restaurant looks like a ghost town during weekdays and off-peak hours?

Can your customers easily find your restaurant through Google search engine?

Are you worried of not knowing when your next customers are coming in?

Are you getting tired of sending out flyers and setting up banners but produce zero return?

Online Reservation.

No more manual reservation.
A transformative built-in Reservation Software integration to capture leads and reservation straight to your inbox.

Eye-Capturing Design.

Say goodbye to bad websites.
Every website is crafted with premium tools and extraordinary attention to details — forcing your audience to stay longer on site.

Access on Mobile.

Readily accessible from anywhere.
Flexible, good-looking, professional. The true-to-life all-type screen size makes everything on the website look amazing.

Never Lose Customers Again.

Attract potential customers 24/7 with a website. All the restaurant features you need in one place.


more website traffic


more reservation rate


more customers

5 Ways To Double Your Restaurant Customers in 90 Days

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Get 5x more customers even from bad locations

Are your restaurants located at rural areas? No one is passing by? Too far away to be reached? Difficult to attract new customers?

Is location important?

You’re told that choosing the right restaurant location heavily influences its success. If you’re too much off the beaten path, you might not get any customers. If you’re in a bustling part of town, there could be too much competition. But, with the prevalence of technology today, does your restaurant location really matter that much?

Choosing a location has long been known as an important element of opening a restaurant business. But, the technology available today makes it less of a concern for restaurant owners than it once was.

Not anymore...

Diners are no longer finding you by chance as they travel along a highway; instead, they’re researching places to eat online, finding restaurant menus, and reading reviews before making a decision.

It’s clear that the experience with your restaurant begins before the food is served, so make sure your business is represented in the best way it can be. A well-executed website and strong marketing strategy should also be considered as part of your overall plan.  We at Tavernify help you just that.

Enhance your restaurant experience through beautiful and mobile-friendly website. Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 15-Minutes Strategy Session Call (RM700 in Value) that could easily generate upwards of 10x in sales for your restaurant.

We Work Until You Satisfied Or We Work For FREE + BONUS.

If you don't like our design, we will return all your moneyback. And even we pay you +10% as our token of apology.

You see, you have nothing to lose. You can purposely hate all the designs we give to you. You can scam us. You can lie to us — no questions asked. The risk is on us and we are lifting that from your shoulder. What matters the most is we do our best to provide the best web solution for your restaurant. Giving the best return on every investment you made to us. 100% risk-free and hassle-free from your side.
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