About Us

Our mission is to bring eating experience in Malaysia — Online.

What We Believe

Restaurants deserves more customers online — By captivating their audiences with the right information and design. Everywhere at anytime through mobile-optimized website.

What We Offer

Nothing extraneous, everything intentional. We create a high-performance system for restaurants based on absolute flexibility and uncompromising utility, the website we built was designed from the inside out. It’s a tool built to remove barriers. So you can attract the best to your restaurant.


Mobile-First Design.

Designed for millenials to get their information right from their favorite device. With flexible layout and highly-resposnive design, it's time the website to give the best restaurant experience to your customers - online.


Beautifully Functional.

A powerful system by itself is limited unless its design takes into consideration the ways someone actually uses it. From the menu, reservations and the maps to the optional social media integrations, all the components you interact with were created to work smoothly and intuitively. So your customers can perform what you want better than ever.


WhatsApp Reservation.

Customers are now seeking the easiest and quickest way possible to take an action. Without adapting changes. Our reservation technology can handle reservation made from the website - notified straight to your WhatsApp. If you prefer email, you could have it both.


Flying Speed + Stable.

Our server brings a whole new class of performance to the online world. Thanks to a more advanced hosting perfection, our cloud hosting platform processing power sustains higher performance for longer periods of time — and delivers up to 5 times the performance of a normal shared hosting servers. So whether you’re layering dozens of customers walking into your website, your website will stay online no matter what.

You Are One Step Away, Take Action. Now.

We are offering you a 100% Money-Back Guaranteed if you dislike our offer. No harm. Hassle free.

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